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Recruitment Matters International (RMI) is one of Europe’s leading providers of specialist recruitment training, mentoring and advice to the recruitment sector. Simply put, recruitment is our business. Since 1998 RMI has been providing quality recruitment training for recruiters, both external and onsite, predominantly across Western Europe.

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What’s new?

Well that was a quick quarter!

A brief observation at this end, from your enquiries:

• New starter recruiter numbers are down in a big way

• The need for business development skills is a huge need

• On-site in person training is in vogue

• The desire to offer more than “just recruitment” is building at pace

At RMI we seldom stand still… so we are launching as a sister business (can you say that in this PC world? lol) … www.executive-pathway.com An outplacement and career coaching business with its feet firmly on the ground. 20% of that revenue goes to independent job clubs and community hubs to aid long term unemployed get back into a work environment.

What’s more is that if you refer us to your clients when they are in redundancy mode, we will give a further 10% of their investment in supporting their leavers to your charity of choice.

I believe there is more to life than pure revenue and that if you have two tunics you should give one to someone with none. We’re on a mission at RMI to holistically support people looking for work.

If you want to discuss any of the above – give us a shout, or if you believe in what we are doing give us a shout out!



Bite-Sized Tips

If you think you can or you can’t – you’re right!


Bite-Sized Tips

Get all you awkward or bad news calls out of the way first

Bite-Sized Tips

Plan daily the night before

Bite-Sized Tips

Happy people attract happy people and good things tend to happen around them

Bite-Sized Tips

It’s a lot easier to dig a field that has been dug before

Bite-Sized Tips

Treat your clients as partners

Bite-Sized Tips

Build rapport and trust with receptionists and PAs

Bite-Sized Tips

Always use your own name when headhunting

Bite-Sized Tips

When giving candidate feedback, start with a positive point

Bite-Sized Tips

When giving candidate feedback, finish with a positive point


“I attended an excellent recruitment management training course yesterday with Recruitment Matters International and Stewart Stone. I’d highly recommend them as a training provider.”
“A good mixture of listen and learn, and interaction. The time went very quickly. I thoroughly enjoyed the course and have recommended RMI to my Directors. I am now looking forward to working through the training videos.”
“This is the second RMI course that I have been on and they have both been excellent. I would have no hesitation in recommending RMI and would love to attend more courses in the future.”
“All around it was a great course, good references, put into great context with who was in attendance on the day. Good size class. Was very pleased. Great value for money.”
“Great course. Job well done. Thank you.”
“I’m really looking forward to putting what I’ve learnt into practice.”
“The course last week was a breath of fresh air and Neil won a £100k HR Director search and I won a £200k Commercial Director search.”
“Excellent format, pace and approach to training. No role plays and condescending content, which make this a must for all experienced recruiters. Thoroughly recommended!!”
“Very enjoyable and informative, gave lots of food for thought and I have provided positive feedback to our company directors.”
“I went into the course with management experience, and whilst a lot of the content I had heard/read previously, there were several ‘light bulb’ moments for me thanks to the way that the training was delivered.”
“Great course, great trainer and delegates.”
“Thoroughly enjoyable, with plenty learned.  Stewart was able to facilitate healthy discussion in each of the key topics as well as highlight a number of real life examples relating to the course content. I have a number of key action points from the course and look forward to seeing the results that follow.”
“Thanks ever so much for today. I am so excited about going into work on Monday to try everything out. I’ve had a lot of training in my time and you are by far and away the most inspiring person I’ve had the pleasure to get insight from.”
“The course was excellent and unlike other courses I have been on really dealt with issues/challenges we face as recruiters, providing both an understanding of the issue and also strategies to beat them. Can you keep me advised of future courses/seminars? Thanks for an excellent day.”
“I was on the Head-Hunting course yesterday and wanted to get a message to Warren thanking him for the day. I have been on a LOT of training courses during my 17 years (!) in sales and found his course really beneficial.”
“I think the course was run exceptionally well and covered areas that are not solely useful to head-hunting but to all aspects of recruitment. Moreover, the resources used and given out to supplement the course itself are well laid out and user-friendly.”
“I found the course very interesting stimulating and motivating. Excellent location and presented in a manner which kept my attention.”