Written by RMI’s MD, Ken Kemp.
When I saw this headline in an HR Grapevine article, I had visions of some masochistic boss punishing his employees for poor performance by dropping their potential bonuses off a balcony to howls of protest as it all blew away before their eyes.

I’m pleased to say that this was, indeed, a generous gesture and the factory boss from Foshan in China was actually showering his hysterically happy workers from the inside atrium balcony with red 100 Yuan (c£12) notes, which they were gleefully trying to catch or scoop up. For the full article, including a short video of this kind act click http://bit.ly/kkperks.

In China it is a New Year tradition to give red-coloured gifts to ward off evil spirits and bring good luck. Certainly, gifts like this would quickly help tackle any payment bills printed in red at this time of year!

BrightHR Co-founder Paul Harris has this to say about employee perks and employer kindness: “Salary alone cannot ensure that all employees are happy within the workplace. This is where company culture and in particular, perks can aid in ensuring a happy and engaged workforce.

“Perks have to be part of the culture; after work drinks, socials, duvet days, fruit in the office, discounted gym memberships or a well thought out office space. Perks as plural is important and more valuable to your workforce. Diversity provides choice to your employees as some people may not like to use a games console but might like to chill out on a bean bag. Perks can cost the business very little money for a bigger benefit for the staff.”

So, what kind of perks are on offer in your workplace – what thoughtful little extra adds a bit of spring in your step on the way to work? I’m curious to hear of unusual perks – and how do you keep it fresh and different? Email me info@recruitmentmatters.com.