Written by RMI’s CEO, Warren Kemp

………..Or not, when you use them in advertising


noun: cliché; plural noun: clichés; noun: cliche; plural noun: cliches
~ a phrase or opinion that is overused and betrays a lack of original thought.

• Our client is a leading name
• This fantastic opportunity
• We have an exciting role
• The ideal candidate

Come on recruiters! Get your creative juices flowing…. This is lazy advertising. When was the last time you actually read your own advert and thought WOW? Yet you complain about the lack of good candidates? I know that if it’s a relevance based job board you will use your key words between five and seven times – but it needn’t sound stilted. I know if it’s a time based advert you need to hit the right window but it doesn’t have to sound hurried.

• Use headlines to grab attention or straplines if the job board can’t accommodate the headline.
• Use the word YOU a lot. It’s the best-selling word in the history of advertising.
• Be professionally provocative and get a reaction.

Manchester based role: Red or Blue Marketing Manager
Aberdeen based role: Do you want to see the Northern Lights for free?
Come on recruiters – clichés are for wimps!!