Train The Trainer Bootcamp

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RMI has been training and coaching recruiters for over 20 years. For our founder and CEO, Warren Kemp, that’s around 30,000 hours of stand up training, sit down one to ones and group coaching. If business books are to be believed, then that makes him a triple world class trainer!


The Bootcamps include:

  • 30 hours of participative learning over the three-day boot camp
  • All meals, refreshments & hotel accommodation
  • Maximum of four ‘trainees’
  • Additional RMI trainer to support specific sessions/coach you
  • Final session (with a live audience) filmed and professionally edited for you to take away
  • Telephone & email support from Warren for 12 months critiquing your content/writing help/agony uncle
  • Quarterly face to face hook-ups
  • With lifetime access to ku.dos – currently, 20 hours of movies – 60 hours of ready-made training for you to facilitate with your team

Numbers are capped at four in order for each “trainee” to have the appropriate time to learn, practise, evaluate and adapt accordingly. The bootcamp environment will take people out of their comfort zone while offering them a safety net of support that will along the way, enhance knowledge, skills and behaviour.

Three days (thirty hours) covering:

  • Presenting
  • Coaching
  • Training


In the workplace, messages have to be delivered, meetings organised and run well. No matter the nature of the information it must be put over in an honest, supportive and motivational way. While words are important, how the words are conveyed both verbally and non-verbally will ensure the outcome. Great leaders do this as second nature. For others, there are some key components that will help them command the ‘stage’ and their audience – be that team members, other internal staff or external stakeholders – for the presentation to have the required effect. This session will address these challenges including content writing, delivery (presentation) and dealing with challenges both expected and unexpected. The “trainees” will learn how to hold an audience with no aids or props and deliver a compelling and inspirational message.


Coaching is best conducted in small groups and ideally in one to one situations. True coaches seek to understand first before being understood. “Trainees” in this session will learn how to have coaching conversations in the right setting, at the right time and in the right way. Not every coaching conversation will be as a result of appropriate behaviour from the person being coached prior. The ability to gain trust and buy-in from the person being coached is therefore vital to have the optimum outcome (regardless of why the session is taking place).

The session will deal with:

  • Recognising a coaching need versus a training requirement
  • How to prepare for such a coaching session
  • How to run a session (both in a private setting and when more public/desk based)
  • Checking for initial reaction and understanding
  • Following up to gauge behavioural change and short term/ongoing outcomes


When an individual is able to present and coach to a high standard, not only have they got many of the skills to (learn to) train, they will have much of the gravitas needed to run (what could be in the work environment) a full day’s session. Therefore, the natural running order of the bootcamp is that of Presenting, Coaching and then Training.

This session will include (not exhaustive):

  • The why, the when and the how
  • Choosing the right mix/level of participants
  • Content writing including putting screenshows together
  • Use of visuals and other training aids
  • Mixing it up to keep the attendees interested and participative
  • Checking for learning at appropriate intervals
  • Dealing with difficult trainees e.g. disruptive, overly vocal, wallflowers, etc.
  • What if it’s not working/dealing with the unexpected
  • Controlling the session and when it’s OK to come off at tangents
  • Timing and how to plan how long a session will take
  • Catering for visual, auditory & kinesthetic learning styles
  • Checking for learning and holding people accountable for their actions thereafter

To find out more and to understand if it is right for you, call Warren direct on 07976 828637, email or contact us here at HQ.


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30 hours over the 3 days



NOTE. All delegates get a FREE LIFETIME full access subscription to our online training platform ku.dos.

In order to optimise your learning experience, this course is purposely run with small delegate numbers and is capped at 4. Book now to avoid disappointment!

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