Written by RMI’s CEO, Warren Kemp
Every single business needs to be watertight when it comes to cyber security (just ask Yahoo). It’s clearly vital that you as a recruiter take the utmost care to keep things secure, and the Data Protection Act of 1998 tells you exactly that. My point in this blog is not focussing on that (although maybe worth a nudge to remind you to read it) but highlighting to you a huge business opportunity.

Let’s say you do accountancy recruitment, or healthcare, or construction, or banking or absolutely any other type of recruitment….. ask yourself, what are your clients doing about cyber security? How much trouble would they be in if their client, customer, financial or any type of personal data got stolen?

Google the search “Panama Papers” – 11.5 million leaked documents; 212,488 offshore entities’ details. Wow!

So let’s say you do accountancy recruitment placing accountants. Good – it’s lucrative. Could you add on #fintech?

You don’t have to be an IT recruiter to get those vacancies if you have the relationship with your client already for other roles. And if you are an IT recruiter then cyber security needs to be a big part of your arsenal if it isn’t already.

Investigate it. If this could add another 20% to your revenue stream and it takes you two or three hours to poke around your market a bit more and you then decide not to do it, that’s time better spent than working a multi-agency vacancy up against nine other recruiters giving you a one in ten chance of a fee.

This blog was written by Warren Kemp – contact him at warren@recruitmentmatters.com and follow him on Twitter @warrenbkemp