Written by RMI’s MD, Ken Kemp.

One of my favourite feel good movies is ‘Cool Runnings’ about the challenges of the 1988 Jamaican Winter Olympics bobsleigh team. From being the laughing stock amongst their competitors, they ultimately earned the respect of everyone who knew them. Great stuff!

And they’re at it again now, this time in a funding drive with the goal of recruiting a specialist team coach. In their quest to raise sufficient funds, the Jamaicans have set up a GoFundMe page to raise $60,000.

They’ve already acquired sleds which have been donated by Japanese manufacturers for both the male and female teams. Their unusual approach to recruiting their coach has caught the media’s attention and I’ve no doubt they’ll succeed in their objective. Who knows if they’ll ultimately win an Olympic medal but it won’t be for lack of trying!

On the subject of Olympic athletes, my very best wishes go to Brits James Ellington and Conrad Levine following their horrendous motorcycle crash in Tenerife earlier this week while they were there for warm weather training. Coincidentally, James also raised money via crowdfunding a couple of years ago to help support his career. It sounds like they’ve got some hard times ahead but they’re tough guys and hopefully they’ll bounce back.

Back in the world of recruitment, a bit of lateral thinking may be required on occasion to find and attract your ideal candidate. Don’t give up and never take ‘no’ for an answer!