Written by RMI’s MD, Ken Kemp

I think that this is a very strong point with obvious associated benefits for recruiters..

Andrew Burke, Dean of Trinity Business School advocated a proactive use of freelancers in his speech at an APSCO Awards lunch. He suggested that rather than just using them to fill talent gaps, they can be used to great effect to drive innovation and growth in businesses. He cited businesses such as Argos and semiconductor & software design company ARM who had benefitted from bringing in freelancers to champion specific projects (such as Argos Direct).

In some instances, freelancer roles have been turned into staff positions for major new revenue streams, thus demonstrating the role they can play in actually creating jobs by “playing a role before jobs are created.”

So, if you are a recruiter in the contracts sector, perhaps this an innovative thought process for you, too? By more deeply partnering with your clients, perhaps you can not only provide the skilled individual to fill your client’s skills gap, you can become part of their business development process leading to greater rewards for all involved including more ongoing projects for you too, of course.