Grow Your Recruitment Firm – 12 month Mentoring Programme

Warren Kemp’s Mentoring Programme

If you feel that a consistent guiding hand and a fresh pair of experienced eyes will help you grow your business, there is now a cost-effective solution EVERY business owner can afford.

Since 1998 I’ve been helping recruiters recruit better. Other than standing up and delivering training, it’s been through a mix of mentoring, consulting and interim leadership. What I get a buzz out of is seeing a project through from scratch to a successful conclusion. So, I’ve come up with a support system for you by way of a mentoring programme.

Initially, there will be three days in total (two days together and one four weeks later) of personalised one to one help. This is then supported by 12 months unlimited email and telephone access and a minimum of a further four, quarterly half day face to face sessions.

Investment Options:

  • A one-off £3k ex VAT plus an ongoing 10% of your company’s* perm revenue/temp margin increase for 12 months
  • A one-off £2k ex VAT plus 15%
  • A one-off £1k ex VAT plus 20%

Why have I structured it this way? Frankly, it’s so that you have to succeed.

With five full days of face to face support and 12 months via email and phone (and let’s average that out at two hours a week for 48 weeks = 96 hours = 12 days) that makes 17 days for £3k at best! By helping your company bill well, I can make a decent return on my investment, too.

*NB For clarity, the ongoing monthly ‘commission’ will be based on the increased income over your previous three months average before our agreement start date.

If you are interested, then drop me a line or give me a call.

[email protected]     07976 828637.



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