Interactive Online Training For Recruiters

Following extensive research and your feedback, welcome to our exciting interactive online open course training programme.

Investment cost is £579+VAT for two day courses, £299+VAT for one day courses, £179+VAT for half day courses and £90+VAT for our 90 minute sessions. Our Mental Health courses have special rates of £300+VAT for Become A Mental Health First Aider two day course, £200+VAT for Mental Health First Aid Champion one day course, and £100+VAT for our MHFA Adult Refresher half day course.

Upcoming sessions 


Recruitment 101 – Two Day Introduction To Recruitment

Starting a career in recruitment is both challenging and exciting. For a business owner making a new hire has risk attached – and not just financial. After all, your new recruit will be taking YOUR reputation to market every day. Get them off to the best start possible with all the basics of recruitment outlined, explained, and taught from an expert trainer.

  • Getting the basics right – process and legislation
  • Clients – Business Development and Account Management
  • What you need to know and ask when taking a job brief
  • Candidates – Sourcing, approaching, and converting
  • What you need to know and ask when screening a candidate
  • Writing effective job adverts
  • Control – keeping on top of things – being productive and consistent

Dates: June 27th, July 4th, Aug 6th & 13th, Sept 26th  & Oct 3rd


Candidate Sourcing, Screening & Control – one day course

If you are struggling to find great candidates, or even struggling to find any candidates, keep reading. If you are relying entirely on job ads to recruit, you are missing huge opportunities to outperform your competitors. If you are living on LinkedIn, you’re approaching all the same people that 96% of recruiters are also approaching. This course is about giving you a wide range of tools and candidate sources to ensure that you can find candidates as efficiently as possible, weed out the unreliable and unsuitable ones quickly, and build relationships that ensure the recruitment process runs smoothly for everyone.

  • How to really understand what you are looking for – taking better vacancy briefs
  • Writing ads and marketing messages that generate interest and engagement
  • Techniques to proactively target exactly who you need, saving you time
  • Strategies to get candidates knocking on your door
  • Using pre-screen calls to eliminate the unsuitable, and to engage the best
  • Interviewing in 4 dimensions so you can get ‘under the skin’ of your candidates
  • Designing a candidate experience that will super-charge your success

    Dates: July 18th, Sept 10th


    Business Development – Building a Sustainable Pipeline – one day course

    Business Development is one of the toughest roles in recruitment. Talking to a candidate who has applied for a job, or you have a job to outline to someone isn’t that difficult. The real skill comes in the match. Opening up a conversation about helping a company recruit better – when they likely have a PSL and/or an internal recruitment team can be confidence sapping. There is an art to business development that can be difficult to master without training (and perseverance!)

    • The tactics, techniques, and timing of super-billers
    • Understanding what your end game should look like
    • Building a consistent process to achieve that end game
    • How and when marketing and sales come together
    • Making your telephone calls effective and productive
    • Keeping things alive when your prospect pushes back or says no
    • Why understanding your ROI changes the way you work with clients
    • Deciding when and how to work ad hoc contingent, PSL, exclusively and/or retained
    • Making sales relational not transactional
    • What to do and say with your regular follow up calls and emails

    Dates: June 26th, July 25th, Aug 29th, Sept 25th


    Best Practice – Legislation & Compliance – half day course

    If you have ever felt slightly overwhelmed or been scared by the seemingly ever-changing stream of legal requirements when it comes to all things recruitment, don’t worry – you’re not alone. This course is for the people who want to do things in a fully compliant and best practice manner, but feel they need help understanding exactly what that means in practical terms for their organisation. Led by a CIPD qualified Oxford law graduate with over 25 years’ experience in recruitment, who understands that what recruiters need is practical advice from someone who has ‘been there’. (Sarah successfully implemented processes and procedures that passed an Employment Agency Standards Inspectorate surprise inspection, met the GLA Licensing standards, and consistently achieved ISO 9001:2008 certification with no non-conformances.)

    • What’s the worst that could happen? – the consequences of getting it wrong
    • What’s the best that could happen? – the advantages of getting it right
    • Demystifying the jargon – types of contract, employment status (including IR35), etc.
    • Key legislation (Conduct Regs, AWR, WTR, GDPR, Equality Act and many more)
    • Practical application – some ideas on how to create processes that make compliance easy
    • How to use the legal/compliance stuff to win more business and build your brand
    • Participants will get a free legal guide, and a list of useful resources

    Dates:  June 13th, Aug 14th


    Recruiting in a Tough Market – Client & Candidate Generation – 90 minutes special

    When a market, or an economy or a situation is tough it can’t be solved solely by outworking your competition – although that can really help. You need on occasion to review and revise and then adapt and adopt some key tactics that are game changers. It’s a mix of mindset and methodology that can make the magic happen in the toughest of markets.

    • Why a tough market is a great market for a recruiter
    • How to generate (full) fees quickly – the 4 key times clients still work with recruiters
    • Differentiating yourself from the 80% that are average/poor recruiters
    • Persuading passive candidates to get active with you
    • The right processes and tactics to build yourself a sustainable pipeline

    Dates: June 20th, Aug 1st, Sept 19th


    Interview Skills for Recruiters – Ensuring the right candidates are presented – half day training session

    The difference between your candidate getting the job and not can be fine margins. Fine margins can equal big stakes – your candidate’s career, your reputation, and a fee. In 90 minutes we will ensure you have the knowledge to put candidates forward that are a Job fit, Company fit, Team fit and ones that enhance your brand.

    • Key components of a good job brief
    • The structure and agenda to get the best from the interview
    • Interviewing against KSB’s
    • Competency based & behavioural based questioning
    • Giving strong feedback to prepare your candidate going forward

    Dates: Ask about Dates


    Leveraging the Power of LinkedIn – “No, you don’t have to become an Influencer!” – 90 minutes training session

    There are too many LinkedIn “Gurus” or Influencers or AI Champions wanting to sell you the magic formula.  Let me bust a myth. There is no magic formula, no silver bullet, or no AI quick fix. LinkedIn is part of the jigsaw and can be a decent sized piece but it isn’t the answer to your recruitment solution dreams. There are, however, some key actions (and responses) that will deliver you a pipeline of clients and/or candidates when you get it right.

    • Why you don’t need a Recruiter Licence to make a success of LinkedIn
    • Understanding the basics of its algorithm and adapting accordingly
    • Deciding what your end game is and keeping your eye on that prize
    • The type of posts that will keep you on point and your audience listening
    • How to convert contacts into clients and candidates
    • Why consistency and quality is sanity and volume, and likes is merely vanity

    Dates:  June 25th, Aug 21st, Oct 9th

    1The Billing Manager – one day course

    Running your own desk while managing people is one of the hardest roles in any business. You need to put fees on the board and lead from the front by way of your activity and actions. In addition, you need to be looking after individuals so that they can achieve the best results they can, consistently. Oh, and have those difficult conversations and still maintain a good team spirit too!

    • How to split your time between your needs and theirs
    • What does your team expect from you?
    • When to be a Leader, a Manager, a Coach, or a Mentor
    • Consistency, consistency, consistency
    • How to motivate, delegate and communicate
    • Conducting productive appraisals and reviews
    • Running effective meetings – as a team and 1-2-1
    • Managing remotely – when to keep close and when to let go

    Dates: July 10th , Sept 4th


    Running A Profitable Temp Desk – one day course

    If you get it right, a temp/contract desk can form the ‘bread and butter’ of your recruitment business, bringing a consistent and reliable source of profit (meaning any permanent placements act as the ‘icing on the cake’). If you, like many other recruiters, are working really hard, but not seeing the success you deserve, this course is for you. You will understand how to focus on the right things, and be a proactive, strategic and… most importantly… profitable temp recruiter.

    •  Starting with a strategy – how to identify and target a profitable market
    • The legal/compliance ‘need to knows’ – what’s different from perm recruitment
    • The money stuff – how to calculate and negotiate fees that reflect what you’re worth
    • Establishing credibility with clients – how to win business and become trusted advisors
    • Building strong candidate relationships that minimise ghosting and ‘no shows’
    • How to avoid common mistakes that other temp recruiters make
    • Quick wins that you can implement immediately to become more profitable

    Dates: July 23rd, and Sept 18th


    Recruiting For Non-Recruiters – one day course

    You can have the best vision, mission, products/services and values, but if your organisation doesn’t have the right people to make it happen, you are doomed to failure. Quite often the responsibility for this mission-critical hiring falls to individuals who haven’t had any kind of formal training, and this can result in poor recruitment outcomes – poor candidate experience, brand damage, high staff turnover, the disruption caused by ‘bad hires’… If you have responsibility for hiring, this session will give you the confidence you need to recruit for your organisation’s future success.

    •  What does a good recruitment process look like?
    • The legal/compliance ‘need to knows’ – managing risk in recruitment
    • How to find suitable candidates – from writing effective job ads to proactive sourcing
    • What to do with candidates once you find them – how to make the initial approach
    • Pre-screening – how to stop wasting time with unsuitable applications
    • Interviewing – a structured approach that identifies the top talent & builds your brand
    • The Offer and Beyond – why the end of the process matters just as much as the beginning

    Dates: Ask about Dates


    Interview Skills for Hiring Managers – Increase Retention and Productivity – half day course

    The very best candidates around are in high demand and short supply. And those are the ones that can make a real difference to your team, your division, and your company. Being a good interviewer means you can work out if the person can do the job. Being a great interviewer additionally means you can work out if they are going to be a good fit and add real value along the way.

    • Deciding on the essentials, desirables and character needed
    • Planning, preparation, process, and people
    • Selling the job, the company and you, to a prospective hire
    • Interviewing against KSB’s
    • Competency based & behavioural based questioning
    • Managing the job offer

    Dates: March 20th; June 11th


    MHFA Adult Refresher – half day course

    We believe that mental health should be treated equally to physical health – and just like physical first aid, Mental Health First Aid training should be kept up to date.

    The four hour MHFA Refresher course gives you the chance to:

    • Renew your skills
    • Update your knowledge of mental health support
    • Practise applying the Mental Health First Aid action plan
    • Access three years of MHFAider® Support and Benefits

    Please note that the MHFA Refresher is only for people who have completed an MHFA course or an Armed Forces Mental Health First Aider course.

    Dates: Ask about Dates


    Mental Health First Aid Champion – one day course

    This course trains you as an MHFA Champion. By the end of the course participants will be able to:

    •  Recognise the main signs and symptoms of mental ill health
    • Provide initial help
    • Guide the person to appropriate professional help
    • Develop an understanding of how you can create and maintain a healthier and more productive workforce
    • Be mindful of your own wellbeing

    Once completed, you will be issued with a certificate to confirm that you are now an MHFA Champion.

    Dates: July 24th


    Become a Mental Health First Aider – two day course

    Our Lead Trainer and CEO Warren Kemp is running a series of two day Mental Health First Aid courses. Being able to support employee/staff wellbeing has never been as important and challenging as it is right now.

    This two-day course qualifies you as a Mental Health First Aider, giving you:

    • An in-depth understanding of mental health and the factors that can affect wellbeing
    • Practical skills to spot the triggers and signs of mental health issues
    • Confidence to step in, reassure and support a person in distress
    • Enhanced interpersonal skills such as non-judgemental listening
    • Knowledge to help someone recover their health by guiding them to further support – whether that’s self-help resources, through their employer, the NHS, or a mix

    Dates: Ask about Dates


    Running a Search Desk – Retained Recruitment – in-house one day course

    Why is it that some recruiters can work on a retained basis at very healthy fees and others work at a low end contingent fee option in a multi-agency shoot out situation? Well, we don’t want to pop a retained recruiter’s balloon, but it isn’t because they are better or special or gifted. Indeed there are loads of contingent recruiters who are much better recruiters.  It’s in the sell and positioning of the service.

    • Is it all a bit of polish and smoke and mirrors for huge fees?
    • Setting you and your business up for success in the world of retainers
    • How to secure retained mandates with clarity and confidence
    • What the offering to the client looks like from A-Z
    • Repeat business – landing and expanding as a trusted advisor
    • Tools and tactics to manage multiple assignments
    • How to approach potential candidates
    • The art of persuasion – turning a ‘no thank you’ into a ‘yes please’
    • Building a bench of passive candidates

    Note: This course is run on an in-house basis. Please contact us to discuss availability.

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    In order to optimise your learning experience, our courses are purposely run with small delegate numbers and are capped at 12. 

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