Interactive Online Training For Recruiters

Following extensive research, welcome to our exciting open course programme of interactive online training modules. All sessions run for a minimum of three hours, usually from 9:30am – 12:30pm, except Mondays when it’s 2:00pm – 5:00pm.

Investment cost is £249+VAT pp per module. £POA for multiple bookings.

NOTE. Related modules e.g. The Billing Manager: Part 1 and Part 2 are run consecutively, one week apart.


Upcoming sessions 


Writing Winning Job Ads

  • What is a job ad?
  • How to make your job ads stand out in a crowded market
  • The factors you need to consider to ensure the right candidates apply
  • Includes INTERACTIVE job ad writing and critiquing

Dates: September 15th, October 20th


 Candidate Sourcing: Part 1 – Finding

  • Know what and who you’re looking for
  • Choosing your recruitment methodology
  • Online, offline and blended sourcing
  • Includes FREE Boolean cheat sheet & job ad template

Dates: September 25th, November 23rd


 Candidate Sourcing: Part 2 – Engaging

  • What to do once you have found the candidate
  • Differentiate yourself from other recruiters
  • How to know if you’ve struck gold
  • Includes FREE candidate engagement assessment tool

 Dates: October 2nd, November 30th


Candidate Control, Screening and Interview Techniques: Part 1 – Controlling the recruitment process 

  • The importance of candidates
  • Getting the recruitment process right
  • Taking control and quality job specs
  • Prioritising your jobs
  • Grading candidates on paper

Dates: September 22nd, November 3rd


Candidate Control, Screening and Interview Techniques: Part 2 – Getting the most from candidates

  • Structure of a screening call
  • Competency based interviewing – STAR model
  • Likes, dislikes and objectives of interviewing
  • Running a thorough and structured interview
  • Maintaining control, contact levels and offer management

Dates: September 29th, November 10th


 Business Development: Part 1 – Strategies for Success

  • What is business development?
  • Choosing your focus for maximum results
  • Beyond cold calls – a blended approach
  • Includes FREE business development planner

Dates: September 7th, October 19th


 Business Development: Part 2 – Great Sales Calls

  • How to open sales calls with impact
  • Why the best time to call is when they’re not recruiting
  • How to sell without it feeling like sales
  • Includes FREE guide to objection handling

Dates: September 14th, October 26th


Business Development: Part 3 – Outstanding Account Management

  • What is account management?
  • Adding value and maximising revenue
  • How to turn problems into golden opportunities
  • Includes FREE account assessment template

 Dates: September 21st, November 2nd


 Winning Exclusivity & Selling Retainers

The desire for recruiters to secure exclusivity and retained work is now huge and the stakes to do so with limited vacancies out there, have never been higher

  • Identify the right opportunities and the right potential clients
  • Understand why and when clients consider partnering with one recruiter
  • Structure and prepare your pitch
  • Perfect the sales process and effectively handle fee negotiation

 Dates: September 10th, November 5th


The Billing Manager: Part 1 – Organisation and Mindset

  • Evolving as a Team Leader/Manager
  • Communicating your values and vision
  • What do your employees expect from you?
  • Are you a Leader, Manager, Coach or Mentor?
  • Effective time management

Dates: September 23rd, November 13th


The Billing Manager: Part 2 – People Skills and Change Management

  • The Importance of Motivation and Delegation
  • Building a coaching culture
  • Conducting competency based appraisals
  • Running one to one and team meetings
  • Managing remotely

Dates: September 30th, November 20th


Building a Terrific Temp Desk

  • What does a terrific temp desk look like?
  • How to win more temp business
  • Time management to help you thrive, not just survive
  • Includes FREE planning and analysis tool

 Dates: September 4th, Dec tbc


 Building a Cracking Contract Desk

  • What does a cracking contract desk look like?
  • How to build your contract business
  • Maximising ROI – on your time, & your relationships
  • Includes FREE planning and analysis tool

 Dates: October 6th, More tbc


 Recruitment – The Legal Stuff

  • What every recruiter needs to know
  • From the Conduct Regs to GDPR
  • Bringing recruitment law to life
  • Includes FREE at-a-glance legislation summaries

Dates: Dec tbc


Temp & Contract Recruitment – The Legal Stuff

  • Drowning in documents?
  • Confused by changing requirements?
  • This session will help you get things straight in your head – from KIDs to IR35 and everything in between
  • Includes FREE template documents

Dates: November 24th


Diversity, Inclusion & Unconscious Bias

  • Why inclusive recruitment is a winning strategy
  • Making sure you don’t miss out on top talent
  • Supporting your clients’ inclusion objectives
  • Includes FREE inclusive recruitment guide

 Dates: October 28th, More tbc


 Emotional Intelligence at Work

  • What are the 5 elements of emotional intelligence?
  • How can you use them to be more effective?
  • What you can do to build your Emotional Intelligence
  • Includes FREE Emotional Intelligence toolkit

 Dates: November 17th, More tbc

NOTE. All delegates get a FREE full access subscription for our online training platform ku.dos.



Monday: 2:00pm – 5:00pm.  Tuesday – Friday: 9:30am – 12:30pm.


£249 + VAT

In order to optimise your learning experience, this course is purposely run with small delegate numbers and is capped at 12. 

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