Leveraging the Power of LinkedIn – “No, you don’t have to become an Influencer!” – 90 minutes training session – online

There are too many LinkedIn “Gurus” or Influencers or AI Champions wanting to sell you the magic formula.  Let us bust a myth. There is no magic formula, no silver bullet, or no AI quick fix. LinkedIn is part of the jigsaw and can be a decent sized piece but it isn’t the answer to your recruitment solution dreams. There are, however, some key actions (and responses) that will deliver you a pipeline of clients and/or candidates when you get it right.

  • Why you don’t need a Recruiter Licence to make a success of LinkedIn
  • Understanding the basics of its algorithm and adapting accordingly
  • Deciding what your end game is and keeping your eyes on that prize
  • The type of posts that will keep you on point and your audience listening
  • How to convert contacts into clients and candidates
  • Why consistency and quality is sanity and volume, and ‘likes’ is merely vanity


Just £90+VAT for 90 minutes of training (plus Q&A).

NOTE. All delegates get a FREE full access subscription for our online training platform ku.dos.
As per all RMI courses, this comes with a 100% money back guarantee if not satisfied.

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