I’ve just come across an excellent article by Robert Ordever http://www.hrreview.co.uk/author/robertordever about the importance of a good onboarding programme. See  .

It brought back memories of when I joined US publisher Western Publishing to run their fledgling European operation. At 10:00am on my first day, I found myself in the Wisconsin office of the company’s President, a great guy called Joe Marino and spent a fascinating and inspirational 90 mins with him. Over the course of the next few days, I spent quality time with all the key people there and in New York, as well as attending a terrific sales conference. I flew back to London from JFK really pumped about what I could achieve. The ongoing support I got from my US colleagues while I built my team and business across the pond was second to none – and it worked, as I built the business from £1m turnover to a highly profitable £17m in the next few years.

Things did eventually change both in terms of personnel and product and I moved on, but with lots of good memories and lessons learnt.