Interactive Online Training For Recruiters – 1 hour sessions

The following 1 hour online training sessions were developed for delivery during lockdown. Although this particular open course programme has now finished, we can still deliver to you on request. We can bespoke to meet your requirements! For further information, call +44 (0)1529 410375 or email

Legal & Compliance
Refresh the stuff you should already know and get ready for what’s coming; also a section on your legal requirements during the Covid-19 pandemic. 
Temp Recruiters’ 1 Hour Bootcamp
Even the best, most experienced recruiters fall into bad habits, and can benefit from a refresher to refocus and supercharge their productivity. This session also helps you to think creatively to deal with even the most challenging markets
Time Management
Increase your productivity without increasing your hours; with special tips for remote working. Perfect for recruiters who may feel a bit overwhelmed, and for those who want to have a better quality of life.
Recruiting In An Unprecedented Market
Nobody in recruitment has ever faced a market quite like this one. If you’ve been knocked for six by the current situation, you’re not alone.
This one hour session will equip you with the right mindset and some practical things you can do to help you feel more positive in the short term. It will also help you get ready to flourish and thrive when the recovery comes! 
Sharpen Your Sales Skills
Sales has evolved in recent years. Have you? If you are still using old-fashioned sales techniques that you were taught years ago (or even taught recently by someone with decades of experience), chances are you’re not getting the results you want. This session is designed to help you develop and sharpen your consultative selling muscles, and to get you in the right headspace to succeed. Done well, sales shouldn’t even feel like sales – to you or to the client. You can, and should, be selling during lockdown. Let us help you find the right words and techniques.

Job Adverts And Beyond
Job boards are full of awful, dull job ads that just don’t work! Find out how you can write engaging, effective job ads that both fill the vacancies and build your brand. We’ll also be covering adverts that aren’t adverts, but still get results!
Growing New Revenue Streams

If 2020 so far has made you realise that you need to look at protecting your business through opening up new revenue streams (or even if you just want to grow your already successful business), this one hour workshop helps you ask yourself the right questions and identifies the right resources so that you can create a commercial strategy that delivers the growth you deserve.
Marketing Candidates
Learn how to monetise your candidate database by turning candidates into invoices! Increase your billings by knowing how to really understand the brief, sell transferable skills, place MVPs and impress your clients – whilst at the same time delivering a fantastic candidate experience.
Candidate Sourcing 1 Hour Intensive Workshop
Whether we are in a candidate-led market or not, our clients still expect (and deserve) to be presented with the best talent in the market. Advertising will only get you so far. If you want to know how to find the right people quickly rather than waiting and hoping that they will find you, this one-hour session gives you the tools you need to increase your fill rates and keep your clients wondering how you are always able to deliver the goods!