Management consultancy on a “turn around to sale” situation

No matter the economic climate – buoyant and confident or not – waiting to learn from unnecessary mistakes can be costly. Working with an organisation that can provide management consultancy services may well be a very good return on investment for you.

If you are not constantly reviewing your situation proactively to take appropriate steps to maximise your situation in these ever tougher times,you need to do so. Budgets, tactics, markets, advertising, people and process all need regular scrutiny. That’s not always easy to do, particularly as your thoughts and points of reference are coming from being inside your business and it can be a real challenge to be as objective as you know that you should be.

An outside objective viewpoint to help you steer your ship back on course or to confirm you have chosen the right map to start your voyage can really help. That’s where a visit to discuss and evaluate your business and then agree an ongoing strategy of help, if appropriate, could be invaluable. A free initial telephone discussion  is an ideal place to start.

We ask you to consider a full day “Health Check” visit from Recruitment Matters.

As every recruitment company faces different issues and challenges, no two health checks are the same. By discussing prior to a visit your main areas of concern/interest, the agenda can be adapted to ensure optimum concentration on these areas, while ensuring we still cover all angles and develop creative, constructive, positive recommendations to address all key issues. Documentation and confidential information will need to be shared and discussed in order for you to fully benefit from the day. We will, of course, happily sign any confidentiality agreement you choose to provide. As you will realise from the basic outline below, there is a lot to get through, so a prompt start and a flexible finish time is required.

Subject matter to be covered on the day would likely comprise:

  • Your vision – forward planning – targets/hopes – short, medium and long-term.
  • Update – where you are in comparison with that vision.
  • Current market situation – how well you are coping
  • SWOT analysis – strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats.
  • Market/s– revenues from each area/desk – margins/profits.
  • Processes< – documentation, checklists, systems.
  • KPI’s – Key Performance Indicators – measurement of consultants’ performances.
  • Advertising & Marketing – business development plans.
  • People– discussion and analysis with directors/principals.
  • People – speak to other key individuals re their thoughts, plans & hopes.
  • Feedback – verbal at end of the day, then followed up with a written report.



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September 1, 2016