Written by RMI’s MD, Ken Kemp. Have you ever tried something or done something that went wrong, where the outcome did not meet your expectations or had a totally different effect from the one you strived for? Good.


How many times do your ideas and new actions fail?

How many new ideas do you come up with every day or every week?

How many times do you take a calculated risk or chance with something outside your normal way of working?

Ever tried a marketing campaign that bombed?

Ever tried a new pitch on a client and were rejected?

Ever have someone say “I told you so?”

Ever come up with a hair-brained scheme to bring in new business?

Ever come up with an idea that was so radically different from the way your business previously worked?


If you answered “no” to any of the ‘ever tried’ or ‘ever had’ questions then you haven’t been testing your own capabilities or boundaries anywhere near to the level you should.


Self development only comes about when you learn something about yourself with every new action.


Go out there and push back the boundaries and raise your own bar. I know you are the type of person who relishes a challenge and wants to improve all the times because, if you were not, you wouldn’t be reading this now.


Go out and do it, the outcome isn’t the issue – action is the key!