Would you like to double your chances of success? Of course you would. Then by having two reasons for your call AND telling your contact that up front, then things will get a bit easier during your phone sessions.

Thanks for taking the call John. My name’s Warren and there are two main reasons for my call. Firstly ……..”

You should do it with clients and candidates. And yes of course you want two bites at the cherry but the key is to add value. I reckon around 80% of recruiters phone up and talk only recruitment. “Do you have any vacancies?” “Would you like to hear about a great candidate I am working with?” “Are you still looking for a new job?” “Do you know anyone that would want this job?”

Not very inspiring, is it?

10% of recruiters talk about recruitment and discuss/share market intelligence – and that adds value to the conversation and helps build fruitful relationships. And that gives you two reasons for your call 1.  Recruitment 2. Market Intelligence.

10% of recruiters are Thought Leaders who happen to be recruiters. We can look at that another time but for now, come on, start sharing your market knowledge and doubling your chances of success every time.