Written by RMI’s CEO, Warren Kemp.

Your phone rings. It’s a stranger asking to speak with you. You say hello and ask how can you help. He tells you his friend has suggested that he calls you as he is looking for a new job and hopes you can help him. You ask the friends name. You search for the name on your CRM system.

Turns out, it’s not someone you placed. It’s not even someone you had out to interview. He has been on your system for two years. Sure, you remember him but there’s nothing out of the ordinary in your notes. And that’s the point. Nothing out of the ordinary.

Rewind two years. What did you do that was so amazing that you are now getting his friend call you up? Or more importantly what have you been doing throughout the two years you never placed this guy that he has recommended you to his friend?

Work out what you need to do as an individual, as a team, as a business and as a brand to get the above scenario playing out time and time again and you’ve cracked the Candidate Care Conundrum.

25% of people are actively looking for work at any one time and 35% of people are passively looking for their absolute right job. The competition to have that 60% of the market choose you as their recruiter of choice (and stay their recruiter of choice) is a battle you can win no matter how long you have been in recruitment, how big or small you are or how much of a marketing budget you have. You can ‘out care’ your competitors.

The question is how much do you want to be the recruiter of choice for your candidates? And if you want it badly enough you will find a way and without spending huge amounts of money. I challenge you to take a couple of days out of your business, away from the daily stuff and work on how you will out care your competitors when it comes to candidates. Make a real name for yourself and when the time is right leave a legacy behind you.