Written by RMI’s MD, Ken Kemp.

How often have you ignored your intuition and made a decision based on what others have said? Or perhaps, following detailed statistical analysis and mathematical projections, gone with the flow despite, deep inside, feeling that something isn’t quite right?

If this rings true, check out this article http://bit.ly/kkinnervoice by John Reynard who is the author of ‘The Spiritual Route To Entrepreneurial Success.’

As John says, intuition is a skill and, therefore, as with all skills, the more you tune in to your intuition, the better you get at recognising it and the more confident you become in following it.

Many poor decisions are based on appearances and partial facts, particularly if there is an easy win involved.
Certainly this made me think back to a number of occasions in my own life – both inside and outside business – when, if I had only listened more carefully to my inner voice, the outcomes would have been quite different. It’s ironic really as, many years ago, I did a Myers-Briggs personality test and one of my four key traits came out as ‘Intuitive.’ In hindsight, I should have taken that on board more fully then and utilised my intuitive skills to greater benefit.

If you are a recruiter and had the situation where the candidate arrived late for interview or, worse still, didn’t turn up at all, did you say “I had a feeling that might happen…”? Now, as Warren Kemp our CEO often says when delivering training courses “People are consistent and predictable.” If the candidate hasn’t returned your call on time and perhaps also emailed his CV to you two days late, why would you be surprised? You just knew that was going to happen and now you wish that you hadn’t put him forward for interview in the first place, with the result that you now have a disgruntled client. Even if you didn’t listen to your inner voice, your powers of observation should have set the alarm bells ringing.

Now – intuition AND observation – sharpen both of these skills and you have a really powerful combination!