I’ve just read an interesting article about how students’ behaviours are changing in preparation for entering the job market.

This part, in particular, caught my eye:-

“To stand out from the crowd, job-hunting graduates are using their digital skills to shout about their skills and accomplishments. Creating an online home is now a popular way to illustrate a graduate’s experience, with a quarter creating a personal website and a third using their LinkedIn profile to bag the job they want.

This fresh approach to landing their dream career is also a hit with those in charge of hiring new recruits. Almost two-thirds of HR decision makers from UK businesses think that a personal website, rather than the traditional paper CV could become the main way they differentiate between job candidates in the next five years.”

Here is the full article  .

Clearly, this is another example of the relentless increase in the importance of acquiring digital skills. Once upon a time, having a second language gave you an edge – now it hardly seems to matter. Now, where are my old Fortran and Algol manuals?…