I read an article today about tips from senior executives on working from home and, frankly, some of it (at least in my opinion) was a load of twaddle. Some of these people are just playing at it.

Dressing as if you’re in the office, take a break to put the washing on, start work early to get a head start (good…) and then take time out to go to the gym or yoga (just when your clients might want to talk to you!).

For me, it’s all in the mind. Quite simply, when I’m working at home – that’s it, I’m working. If it’s a hot day and my study is sweltering surely it makes more sense to wear shorts and a T-shirt rather than sitting in a long-sleeved shirt and trousers with the sweat dripping off my nose on to the keyboard?

Now, I must admit that if I’m at home and the weather is good, I’ll take a short mid-morning break for a cup of tea in the garden rather than stay glued to my desk as I tend to do in the office. However, that’s a smarter way to work and I should do the same in the office really – at least get up to stretch my legs once in a while.

For me whether I’m at home or in the office, mentally I’m in the same place – at work.