Coaching and Mentoring Services

Mentorship for Business Owners and Directors

Running a business can be challenging, stressful and lonely on occasions. Whether you are a one person operation or have a small team around you, the actions you take and the decisions that you make are always important and sometimes crucial. Having someone to call and rely on can make all the difference to your results both short and long term. Sometimes you might just need an objective opinion on something and sometimes it’s about taking a shift in direction that could transform your revenue and profitability.

Format: Regular planned discussions with ad hoc calls /email support when needed
Duration: 12 month agreement (renewable)

Option 1 A commitment fee and a percentage of revenue
Option 2 A monthly flat fee

Coaching for Course Attendees

You already know that training your people is a key part in their journey through their recruitment career. And that quality training should be an investment and not a cost. Getting the best from your investment isn’t always easy and it is seldom you will get the best from it if there is no follow up and accountability from the team member you put on the training session. Juggling your own workload and supporting your team consistently isn’t an easy task. That’s where we come in. After the training session, the trainer can support the attendee and hold them accountable to action their new learnings.

Format: Regular follow up sessions to reinforce learning, discuss results, and set new tasks/goals
Duration: 3 month agreement
Investment: Monthly fee

Transition Coaching

New starters, those working from home or a hybrid model, new managers/team leaders or experienced recruiters opening up a new desk or sector all need support and direction. Depending on the size and structure of your business, that support isn’t always as readily available as they would like and, more importantly, need. Sometimes, even if it is there, the newbie doesn’t want to ask what they think is the daft question or a new manager doesn’t want to be seen to doubt their own decisions. Transition coaching helps individuals settle in and thrive in their new situation.

Format: Regular sessions with ad hoc support for the “Can I just run something past you?” moments.
Duration: 6 month agreement
Investment: Monthly fee

Coach on Demand

Tap into an external perspective on a situation – support for the busy Business Owners and/or their staff when an external expert’s advice on a situation could be invaluable. Manager is out of the business and the working from home recruiter has got a dilemma about what they should do. Two blank months and the consultant is starting to question their own judgment and feeling under pressure. The manager who isn’t getting the best from their weekly meetings. These are just three scenarios where a ‘coach on demand’ can be a great confidential sounding board and advisor.

Format: On demand service
Duration: 6 month agreement
Investment: Billed (retrospectively monthly) in 15 minute increments

Wellbeing Hotline

While the above offerings are provided on a commercial footing, we recognise that the world of recruitment brings its own stresses and strains and so, on a ‘free to use’ basis, we have a wellbeing support line.

Mental Health thankfully is becoming something that people talk about more today than yesterday.

There is still a long way to go, and we are 100% behind reducing stigma and starting conversations.

We aren’t clinicians. We are all, however, MHFA trained, and Warren is an instructor member of MHFA England. We will listen, support and signpost as needed.

Format: Free on demand
Call: 0800 074 9289

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