Recruiting For Non-Recruiters – one day course – online

You can have the best vision, mission, products/services and values, but if your organisation doesn’t have the right people to make it happen, you are doomed to failure. Quite often the responsibility for this mission-critical hiring falls to individuals who haven’t had any kind of formal training, and this can result in poor recruitment outcomes – poor candidate experience, brand damage, high staff turnover, the disruption caused by ‘bad hires’… If you have responsibility for hiring, this session will give you the confidence you need to recruit for your organisation’s future success.

  • What does a good recruitment process look like?
  • The legal/compliance ‘need to knows’ – managing risk in recruitment
  • How to find suitable candidates – from writing effective job ads to proactive sourcing
  • What to do with candidates once you find them – how to make the initial approach
  • Pre-screening – how to stop wasting time with unsuitable applications
  • Interviewing – a structured approach that identifies the top talent & builds your brand
  • The Offer and Beyond – why the end of the process matters just as much as the beginning 


    One day course £299+VAT

    NOTE. All delegates get a FREE full access subscription for our online training platform ku.dos.
    As per all RMI courses, this comes with a 100% money back guarantee if not satisfied.

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