Recruitment Process Review (RPR)

When your recruitment processes are reviewed holistically, then the end game becomes clear.

In many organisations, recruitment is seen as a function that HR looks after, and by default, it simply becomes a cost centre. When recruitment is embraced as the fulcrum that can make or break a company, not least because of the quality of hire, then outcomes are valued differently. When recruitment and retention are measured together and supported at C-Suite level, then true change can happen.

Q. So what does the RPR cover?

A. In a nutshell, we will examine every step and stage of your current A to Z with an objective outlook. Additionally, it will highlight the key areas to make adjustments and changes within your current process (that will make a positive difference). At the same time, if appropriate, we will highlight what should be considered Pre-A and Post-Z.

Q. What outcomes can I expect?

A. We will highlight, via an in-depth blueprint document and discussion, how you can:

1. Minimise costs
2. Optimise the candidate journey satisfaction rate
3. Identify and attract the best talent around
4. Become an employer of choice
5. Help all parties (internal and external) follow consistent clear optimised process
6. Reduce attrition rates in the first crucial weeks of onboarding a new starter
7. Identify and work with ideal external providers (yet minimise the need)
8. Measure costs, savings, and timescales to achieve optimum return on investment (ROI)
9. Have a guarantee of success
10. Execute the plan

Q. What will a partnership with you look like?

A. We will take as much time as required to review your existing way of doing things including process, personnel, and performance. We will talk with your stakeholders, internal recruiters, external providers, successful hires and previous candidates to gauge and gain feedback to have a clear understanding of what is working and what is not. We will benchmark the findings against what we know is best practice and, if needed, confidentially against other businesses of a similar size and/or sector. You can then choose to roll it out yourselves, work with us supporting you in the background or we can be onsite to manage the project for you.

Q. Why should we work with you?

A. We have been advising and assisting organisations on the topic of recruitment for 22 years. Those include Coutts & Co, Telegraph Media Group, Next, Oracle and Severn Trent Water. We have worked with and upskilled more recruiters, both internal and external (agency), than any other recruitment training and advisory business in the UK today.

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