Executing a Successful Head-Hunting Assignment

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Why Headhunt?

With 25% of the market looking to move at any one time you may feel that there are enough job seekers to go around. The problem for you with that 25% of people is that they are actively looking for work and will have other irons in their fire. The odds are in the candidate’s favour and not in yours and your client’s. So, if you want to be able to discuss job opportunities and career steps with the other 75%, you had better be able to head-hunt. NB Head-hunting is much more than sending someone a message on LinkedIn. There is a skill and an art to engaging with and approaching the passive prospect.

Being able to head-hunt allows you to handle those vacancies and assignments that you would otherwise find impossible. It really does ensure that the candidates you put forward to your clients are the best available. Head-hunted candidates are highly unlikely to be presented to your client by your competitors, even when sharing a contingent assignment. Executive Search techniques are as applicable for junior positions as they are for senior ones. Head-hunting can help you get full fee assignments on a retained basis too.

Who should attend?

This busy one-day participative executive search training course is suitable for consultants (both external & internal) wishing to add head-hunting / executive search to their skill set (with a good understanding of recruitment) or for experienced search consultants wishing to formalise their knowledge.

Subject Matter on the day to include:

Managing client expectations – Be able to explain to potential clients what is possible and within what timescales (and gain their buy-in).  Headhunting cannot produce the impossible.  As a consultant, it is your job to give best practice advice. This session will help enhance the hiring authority & consultant relationship and ensure there is a clear roadmap to success.

Head-Hunting methodology; managing the process; ethics – Learn how to manage an assignment in a professional logical manner ensuring continuity and consistency of results and enhance your own reputation along the way.

Name gathering – including market mapping utilising both the phone and the internet – Being able to identify and target an effective list of potential contacts will ensure the success of the assignment. Doing it in a timely way is vital.

Due diligence & building credibility – While the phone will be your main tool to approach your potential candidate, the internet is a valuable source for information about the person AND for them to check you out. There are some key steps that will be explained to help warm up your call.

Rapport, commitment & control – Those first few opening moments over the phone are crucial if you are to extend your ‘air time’ into a meaningful two way fact finding conversation. Although you cannot control people, you can control process and gaining the candidate’s commitment is the key. Learn the tried and tested ways to do just that.

The head-hunt call & subsequent conversations – Knowing what you are going to say is half the battle. Knowing how and when to say it is the other half. Few recruiters without formal head-hunt training really know just how to do that. Learn the methodology and psychology behind a truly effective opening to a prospective candidate and how to link information gathered from the candidate previously into each subsequent stage of the consultant/candidate relationship.

Overcoming objections and reactions – Practice really does make perfect. “Where did you get my name?”, “I’m happy where I am”, “Who’s your client?” and a dozen others come up time and time again. Being able to overcome these responses to the candidate’s satisfaction is the key to starting a long lasting business relationship. This session will give you the tools to do that.

NOTE : For consultants wishing to explore the sales process and the pitch itself, our ‘selling executive search’ course detail is here.

The Trainer:

Warren Kemp is one of the most sought-after specialist trainers and management consultants around today. He has been training individuals and organisations in the art of head-hunting for some 20 years. His clients span small independent start-ups to some of the major names in the recruitment industry and to date have come from 25 different countries worldwide. As well as his training, consulting and mentoring services, Warren still runs a number of retained and exclusive recruitment assignments for his clients. A trainer with his finger on the pulse for sure.


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9:30am – 5:00pm


£399+VAT per delegate

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In order to optimise your learning experience, this course is purposely run with small delegate numbers and is capped at 12. Book now to avoid disappointment!

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