Some interesting stats in Ranstad’s survey on what 8,100 UK employees ideally want in their perfect job. For the full results and commentary see

Ranking at the top with 22% and 16% respectively were a competitive salary/benefits and long-term job security. Best of the rest at 9% was work/life balance. In the top 10 qualities listed, training scored just 4% and career progression scored 4% too.

Undoubtedly, there will have been some variations across the age groups but it seems just a little sad that job security ranked as 4 times more important than career progression. What does that say about the general level of ambition in the British workforce?

Training at 4% was one that caught my eye although, again, there were no doubt significant variances across ages and industry sectors. Only yesterday, I had a conversation with a recruitment consultant who had decided to branch out on her own as her employer hadn’t invested in any training for her despite the fairly high level roles that she was recruiting for. She is now investing in herself and we look forward to welcoming her on several of our courses in the coming months.

So, what would your perfect recruitment job look like? Is training a factor that would influence you if you were looking to move on or, indeed, enter the industry? Or perhaps you are a recruitment agency employer who invests in training and could share some of your experiences with us? Please post or email if you prefer.