Written by RMI’s MD, Ken Kemp. “You” – it is so important to fully understand and utilise this three letter word. I say that while addressing you now.  I’m not in the slightest bit important in this article – you are.  If you don’t gain any benefit from reading this, I’ve failed you and you’ll blame me!


Once a recruiter understands that the only reason a client or candidate is dealing with him or her is because they want something that will benefit them, either by taking away the pain from issues that they have, or leading them towards something they want – only then will that recruiter become a great recruiter. Because it’s all about them, the client or candidate.


Imagine for a moment a client asking the standard question “So why should we use you?” Most recruiters’ response at this time (after a nervous cough) is to launch into an overlong presentation of the history of the company, what markets they specialise in, how many years experience the team has and then, possibly, try to offer some USP. Does that sound familiar?


First of all, let’s sort out USP’s. Almost all companies’ selling points are not unique.  Indeed, if they are – if they’re so good, why aren’t others doing it too?  Richard Branson has possibly never had a unique idea in his life, yet it hasn’t stopped him being hugely successful. However, being better at doing something than a competitor will make a difference.


So, when you are next asked by your client to talk about your company and your services, respond by adding at least one benefit to every feature you mention.


Why not take a few minutes after reading this to visit your website, with first from a client’s and then from a candidate’s perspective?  Review your company literature, emails and listen to what your colleagues say on the phone.  What can be improved? Ensure that for every feature you mention, there is at least one (stated not implied) benefit to the reader or recipient.  After all, it’s all about them.