Prioritise your time

Written by RMI's MD, Ken Kemp   Most of us probably use some sort of daily sheet where we assiduously write down all the things that we have to do each day and we dutifully cross off each item that we have completed. All the non-completed items simply pass to the next...

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10 things that will make you a better headhunter

This article was written by RMI’s CEO, Warren Kemp and first appeared in its entirety on   One of the most widely used terms in recruitment is ‘headhunter’. That seems strange to me given that true headhunters make up a very small proportion of the...

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Guan Gong Yu and Recruitment

Written by RMI’s MD, Ken Kemp.   Some of you who know me will be aware that my hobby is buying and selling antiques, particularly if they’re a bit different and/or are of Asian origin. Once or twice a month, I can be found at a local antiques fair with my display of...

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It’s a sprint, a marathon and everything in between

Written by RMI's CEO, Warren Kemp. Your phone rings. It’s a stranger asking to speak with you. You say hello and ask how can you help. He tells you his friend has suggested that he calls you as he is looking for a new job and hopes you can help him. You ask the...

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10 ways to get ahead in recruitment

This recruitment advice article was written by RMI’s CEO, Warren Kemp and first appeared in its entirety on . The recruitment sector tends to attract people that end up falling into two camps - those that join the band of recruiters and then leave...

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